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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Birthday candy draw

Oh dear, what am I like!!! With everything that's being going on here I totally forgot about doing the draw for my birthday candy. I will go and sit on the naughty step when I'm done here!

So I thought I would video the computer doing the draw so you see it as I did, and here is the winner!
So the winner is Barbara Treadwell. So you need to send me your postal address so I can get your box of goodies out to you hun.

Now seeing as I was late in doing this I thought I would do two more draws for a die each, and these are the dies.

So the first number I drew out for the dies was number 3, so Angie Whalley wins the top die. The second number was number 17, so Andrea Johnson wins the Sleigh die. Please send me your address ladies and I'll get these out asap. Again please accept my apologies for being so terribly late with this draw.

1 comment:

  1. Wow can't believe it thanks Anjie will pm you my address xxx