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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Bags for a change

It's not often I do any sewing these days since the girls stopped wanting fancy dress outfits, but this weekend my shoulder was really really bad so I thought I'd get my machine out.
I'd seen some Mad Hatter (the wonderful Mr Depp) tote bags in the city centre but they were way out of my price bracket, a few of them were £49.99!!!! Yes I know. Anyway, I had some material left over from a Matrix coat I made Dave a few years back, and some printable canvas, so thought I'd have a go at making a tote. I made one and used it on Saturday when I was out shopping and got quite a few comments about it, so off the the fabric shop I toddled and bought some denim and some canvas and decided to make some more to see if they would sell and here are the ones I've done so far.

Number 1 (SOLD)

Reverse of number 1

number 2 (SOLD)

Reverse of number 2

number 3
Reverse of number 3
number 4Reverse of number 4If you would like one I am selling them for £10 each. Just send me an email.
The denim ones have a light blue lining, and the canvas ones have a red and white checked lining. Please remember these are handmade by little old me in pain so the stitching isn't perfectly straight. The are very strong though, as I have triple stitched them all.


  1. OH WOW!!!!
    Who needs those expensive bags when yours are just as brill!
    Anjie they are fantastic.

  2. wow wow wow they are stunning anj you are so clever

  3. I got one of these bags!!!! Well not actually yet as the girls have taken it off me until my birthday!!!
    They fab & if anyone is a Alice fan, they a must have. Really eye catching.
    Thanx Anj xxxx